Why should you care about communication?

Communication is the single biggest challenge faced by any business entity: It separates the merely technically proficient from the truly inspired.

Enlightened organisations have proved that good communication leads to long term customer relationships, motivated staff, enhanced corporate reputation and the production of a steady flow of new business. It is the difference between success and failure in a perception-based world.



B:Spoke Communicators has a global mission to return to a time before business communication was rendered anodyne and soulless, a time when spoken word communication moved the soul, stirred the emotions and engaged the imagination. The vision is to tame the technology and restore people to their rightful place at the heart of every communication interaction.

Core values

Conviction – We believe we can make a difference

Relevance – No off the shelf, or one-size-fits-all thinking

Clarity and simplicity – No consultant’s speak, or unnecessary theorising

Dedication – To the concept that everyone has the ability to communicate


Our purpose is to ensure that in every client interaction, internal meeting, or career defining moment you convey the best possible version of yourself.

Through our programmes we will help you succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

What you get

B:Spoke Communicators is not a volume business. We do not churn and burn. Most of our clients have worked with us for over ten years, some for over 20. We bring in new clients when we think we can offer real value. We are a relationship based business, which whilst not making us profanely wealthy gets us away from the mere “vendor” tag.

What people say

  • I would not be a partner now, but for the time, effort, and humanity that Peter invested in me. He cared.

    Charles Partner, Law Firm
  • In between laughing and talking about Game of Thrones a communication style developed. It was fun, and watching the videos wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

    Pieter Founder, Digital marketing agency
  • I am nearly 50 years of age. I hate consultants. I couldn’t see the point. I fought Peter every step of the way, I knew best, I was fine. I’m sorry mate, I get it now.

    Whitney MD, Investment Bank
  • We won the business because of him. It’s that simple.

    Welkin Private Banker
  • Truly life enhancing, he has made a massive difference in the way I see myself and am perceived by others.

    Jessica HR Director, Insurance Company
  • Peter Rolston is the difference between ticker-tape and torpor for our pitches, conferences and media activities.

    Edward Partner, Accountancy Firm

Why work with us?

Non prescriptive
This is not about changing people’s personalities nor making them to conform to some model of excellence.
It’s about giving the truest and most engaging version of yourself to every audience.

We have been operating in Asia since 1986. Ours is not a “churn and burn” business. We work with a carefully selected number of clients who value what we do.

We are not a “franchise” repository. All the programmes we run and the advice we offer is based on our own personal experience of success and failure.

We know that what we offer builds lasting business relationships, wins new business and generates career success.

Our mission

B:Spoke Communicators exists for no other purpose than to help individuals and the organisations they work for to communicate with whatever they perceive to be an “audience”.

That audience could be:

One Person

Appraisal interviews, senior management briefings

Five to Fifty People

Competitive Pitches/Road-show Team preparations/Internal meetings/briefings Morning calls

Five Hundred People

Podium speeches/conference panellists/results announcements/AGMs

Five Million People

Media Interviews, crisis communications