Peter Rolston is a respected “spoken word communications” specialist, who has operated in Asia since 1986.

Peter has enjoyed particular success in the area of “leadership communication”, helping senior executives to achieve a communication style commensurate with their status.

He has helped investment bankers win billion dollar pitches, nervous chairman deliver podium speeches, prepared panelists for conferences, enhanced research analysts morning calls, and briefed crisis spokepeople on handling the media.

Peter has worked with over 120 business entities in areas as diverse as bio technology and haute couture.

His earlier career took him into the worlds of Publishing with Lloyds of London Press, Public Relations with Hill and Knowlton and Advertising with J Walter Thompson.

In a parallel universe Peter was the main evening news anchor for ATV, one of Hong Kong’s two terrestrial broadcasters for ten years. A career he continued in the UK with Sky News, ITN and CNN.

Peter is a graduate of Durham University in the United Kingdom and spent the time between university and coming to Hong Kong as an officer and diver in the Royal Navy.

Peter can be described as:

The difference between success or failure in a pitch, at a conference or on air.

Hugely experienced in his area of expertise.

Fun to work with

Peter’s view on Leadership Communication…

The only skill that all leaders must have.

Peter’s personal mission

To improve the conversation. To fight for an analogue skill in a digital world.

What inspires Peter

The ability to get people to go beyond what they thought they were capable of. Uncovering an inner strength they didn’t know they had.

Pet peeve

People allowing themselves to be defined by others in terms of what they cant do rather than recognised for what they can.

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