Matthew knows only too well that it takes more than just academic achievement to get to where you want to be. He was one of the countless high-achieving students growing up in Hong Kong, but he firmly believes that it is what he has learnt outside the classroom that has opened more doors than anything else. Now, as a teacher and pastoral leader in one of the top British Public Schools, Matthew has a unique insight into what is required of students if they are to stand out at university, and more importantly, in the world that awaits beyond it.

Matthew's real qualities

Motivation – He knows how to focus and motivate people, and more importantly how to get young people to motivate themselves.

Enthusiasm – He passionately believes that communication is the most important skill a young person can have.

Dedication – Matthew knows exactly how to apply himself wholeheartedly to a common cause.

Matthew gets inspired by

Change. We’re all capable of it, but relatively few of us do everything we can to achieve it. People are meant to grow and develop to become the best possible version of themselves. In Matthew’s eyes, being part of a young person’s change is the most inspiring thing he knows.