Ed knows what it is like. It is not that long ago since he himself was at University. He has however, had more advantages than most. Acting from an early age, he has also held leadership positions in school, university and professional sport. Communication has been at the core of everything he has achieved. It has been a necessary tool for the development of his acting, it was essential in his career as a professional sportsman and the sum total of those experiences have contributed to his recent success as a communication consultant for B:Spoke communicators. Ed has designed, developed and delivered communication programmes of which have been successfully integrated into Hong Kong’s top international schools and Internship programmes at some of the biggest companies worldwide.

Edmund's real qualities

Commitment – Ed’s willingness to dedicate his time and energy into things he believes in is unrivaled.

Attention to detail – Ed has an eye for detail. With a background in professional sport he is no stranger to continually seaking small gains that give him an edge.

What inspires Ed

“My work inspiration, sporting inspiration and personal inspirations are the same. I’m inspired by people who do everything they can to positively change the lives of others around them. People who achieve things they are told they will never be able too and overcome challenges against the odds inspires me. I love an underdog.”


Ed played rugby for Hong Kong in the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens in 2009.

Ed also played two seasons for Leicester Tigers rugby team in the UK after being awarded a rugby scholarship to Loughborough university.